February 2020

Acrostar mk2 XL – for some the most beautiful aerobatic design of all time, for others just a very special airplane. In any case, it is completely dierent to all the Extras, Edges, Yaks we already have in every size and every color. That is the reason why Robin Trumpp said it is high time to bring back this aerobatic legend into the rc-scene! After the success with the Acrostar 60E version it follows the Acrostar mk2 XL with 2,4m wingspan, 4-flap-wing and pre-installed towing hook. The Acrostar mk2 XL is not only the perfect towing machine, it is even more a fantastic flying and well-balanced aerobatic plane. If you need bigger ailerons for aerobatics, you can easily mix the flaps to ailerons. You can power the Acrostar mk2 XL with an electric Motor (Hacker Q80) and two 6S batteries (same packs of Acrostar 60E) or with a gas engine (like Fiala FM-70).

wingspan: 2390 mm

length: 2080 mm

weight: approx. 9kg


Motor: Hacker Q80-8M

ESC: Master Mezon 135 opto

Propeller: FALCON 24×12

Batteries: 2x TopFuel 6S 5000mAh

Servos: 6x Ditex EL2114S (optional 1x Ditex EL2114S for towing hook)

RX: JETI duplex CB-220

or with gas engine Fiala / Valach Motors FM-70



Gasversion with the Fiala FM-70 4-stroke motor

Pictures from assembly:

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