Visit femo-design!

Beginning of May I visited femo-design to pickup my two new fully carbon airplanes after more than 1 year of waiting.
I knew felix already a few years. We met the first time on a big hobby show in south Germany. That time I fallen in love with his carbon work and his amazing airplanes. That time he produced the Apus Glider and I ordered one.
After Apus I “wanted more” and in 2016 at the same fair I ordered his two new airplanes, Skylet and GoOne8.

For the Skylet I choose the classic version in blue/white colours and for the GoOne8 he made a unique gold/silver Version for me.
You get the planes in a tailored luxury bag, also “100% made in Germany” to store and transport the planes safely.

His stuff is so unique and incedribly precious and strong, almost too great to fly!

Thank you Felix for another two masterpieces, I come back next year 😉

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