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Airshow in Györ, Hungary

From 19th .-22nd. August was the annual SRCM airshow in Györ with the main event on August 21st. My Hungarian friends asked to bring back the Pilatus PC-21 and the small Tortuga. This year also with a little surprise: my brandnew 50% Bücker Jungmeister with the Fiala 5-cylinder 250ccm radial engine.

It was again an absolutely amazing event with perfect weather and a warm hospitality – check the pictures ;).

THANK YOU SRCM Györ for an awesome event!

A special THANK YOU goes to Hannes who provided an excellent accommodation for us!

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After a few weeks without any new report here I decided to drop a few lines about the UltraBANDIT proejct from last summer…

In 2018 BVM-Jets announced a jubilee version of their legendary UltraBANDIT which was a “must have” for my father. It took almost 2 years until he started to build the plane in January last year.
State of the art equipment had to be installed: brandnew JetCat P250, Hacker / Ditex Servos, JETI model CentralBox-220 with 2x 2,4Ghz + 900mHz Backup-RX, Electron retractsystem and a custom smoke tank from CM-Jets.

While my father was building the jubilee UltraBANDIT, I completely reworked the older UltraBandit. It got also an electric landing gear, stronger “Low Voltage” Hitec flap servos and a JETI model CentralBox-400 with 2x 2,4Ghz + 900mHz Backup-RX. The CB-400 is required due to the older Futaba LV-servos which need only 5,9V.
Overall it was much more work than expected, as the electric gear has completely different design and other measurements. That´s why I needed to remove some of the old gear mounts and let my friend cut new carbon flex-plates for main- and nosegear – Thanks Manuel!
In July we finally made both maidenflights.

Conclusion: all the work paid off, both airplanes work excellent! Especially the JetCat P250 with its fast start, fast throttle response and the support of turbine telemetry make it a good progress in turbine flying.
I build, flown and setted up a lot of sportjets and developed my own models, where I try to understand as much as possible from the aerodynamics. But the “old” UltraBANDIT is still in a league of its own.
I never saw anything like this in quality, the details of the kit and the ballanced flight characteristics. The lever arm, the dihedral and the geometry of the flaps is absolutely correct.
The brainpower in this 15 year old design is still in pole-position.


TSAR monoplane in 2021 RT DESIGN livery

During last year I worked on a completely new livery. It was time for something new for TSAR monoplane, as the KARAT-livery is already from 2017.
I am very proud now to show you the 2021 RT DESIGN livery on TSAR.

Which requirements I followed:

–          maximim visibility in the air (big difference top – bottom)

–          less different colors

–          quite a simple scheme

This scheme is the first ever we did completely with vinyl-stickers. The result is good and with 120g extra weight to the white body it’s excellent.

I hope you like it 😉

Events in August and September

As there are almost no events this year, I could manage to fly with friends in Germany and Hungary.
From 28.08. – 30.08. I attended a small airshow for RC pilots only and not for the public, in Györ.
An excellent event with perfect organization and hospitality – thank you SRCM Györ!!!!

Beginning of September I went back to Mosbach for study. Less than one hour drive from Mosbach is the airfield of Michelstadt, which is in my mind for many years. In 2001 was an airshow at that field, where I saw one of my most favorite airplanes for the first time, the GeeBee R2 by Delmar Benjamin.
On Monday and Tuesday the local RC-pilots are allowed to fly at this place and I could not miss this invitation and spent some great time with the people there.
A big thank you also to all friends in Michelstadt!!!

Here are some impressions and videos from those trips.
Thanks to all for filming!

Acrostar mk2 XL VIDEO!

On sunday weekend we captured a few clips of electric Acrostar mk2 XL and my mate M!C made a nice video of this plane:

Acrostar mk2 XL – classic aerobatic plane – perfect towing machine

Check it out:

uncut video of Acrostar mk2 XL in the GP version with Fiala FM70 4-stroke motor:

Skymaster F4-Phantom 1:6

After carefully reworking the whole plane and some “weight cure” we finally made a few very successful phlights with the more than 3m long F4 Phantom from my phater. Everything works flawless!
Both turbines running reliable, all the telemetry data from the three RX and other information are monitored during flight on the radio and the electric retract system incl. the the gear doors moving exactly like on the original F4.

It is so much fun, if everything works so perfect and you have to see this impressive model in the air!

2x JetCat P130RX
Hacker DITEX Servos TD2612S
JETI CB-200 with 2x 2,4Ghz RX and 900Mhz Backup RX
electric retract system and brakes
7,5l CM Jets Tank + 2x UATs

A few pictures from this impressive model (more will follow):

KARAT biplane from now on painted available

Finally we are able and proud to offer KARAT biplane painted from the FALCON-factory. We completely reworked the scheme and the masking that we now ready for a small “series production”. The layout is my colorscheme and the colors can be choosen without extra cost. Also own schemes are possible!

The new color combination purple / green is my personal ” RT 2020 version”

Information and pricing on request!

The first two airplanes are painted in China and going to the customers soon.
The green version is coming to Germany and before I hand it over to the customer, I will upload some detail pictures.

JETI model duplex DS-12

Since almost half a year I tested the new JETI DS-12 in my airplanes.
In this report I would like to present some facts about this radio, because I really like it and it may helps someone to make a decision whether for or against the DS-12.

What I like:
– Software, menu navigation and even the battery charger!!! is same as all other JETI-radios
– Modelfiles exchangeable to all other JETI-radios (easily from DS-12 <-> DC/DS-14/16/24)
– extremely long battery runtime (In my case around 2 weeks)
– very lightweight radio
– includes the full JETI-Telemetry
– colored display which is even in bright sun good readable
– gimbals as in all JETI-radios with hall sensors
– integrated manual for all those who may not know to go ahead via „?-Button“
– various coloroptions for the radio, so everyone should find a color which suits 😉
– wireless connectable to all other JETI-radios as a trainer radio (I use this feature a lot with friends who test my airplanes)
– elegant and nice solutions directly from JETI also for all “tray-pilots“ (like DC-radios)
– optional 900MHz-TX for dual HF
– Update and telemetry visualization via JETI-Studio (similar to iTunes from apple)

What is the difference to the JETI high-class radios?
– only one 2,4-GHz HF, but dual 2,4GHz-HF-mode is possible
– optional 900Mhz HF-module
– some useful software upgrades are extra
– gimbals feeling little different compared to other JETI-radio due they are not fully aluminum
– box or case are optional

After checking what the software and hardware is offering, after seeing the incredibly high quality and how it´s made plus the option to upgrade the radio to more features and more channels in my opinion the money for the DS-12 is well invested.
The idea of upgrading the radio via internet is not an idea from JETI, since years we use this technology in our smartphones and is just „state of the art“.
In my club there are also the first happy DS-12 users, some use it as main radio and others just as backup / trainer radio.
Even my father bought one DS-12 after playing with mine 😉 is online!

The leading manufacturer of propellers (wood / carbon), carbon-spinners, F3A-landing gears and my F3A-models has a new distribution in Europe!
You can order directly from their new online-shop, or you can get the stuff as before, via my eMail or the contact-form from this website.
With the new distribution of FALCON via, also Europes biggest “in-stock-warehouse“ of these products was launched.