After carefully reworking the whole plane and some “weight cure” we finally made a few very successful phlights with the more than 3m long F4 Phantom from my phater. Everything works flawless!
Both turbines running reliable, all the telemetry data from the three RX and other information are monitored during flight on the radio and the electric retract system incl. the the gear doors moving exactly like on the original F4.

It is so much fun, if everything works so perfect and you have to see this impressive model in the air!

2x JetCat P130RX
Hacker DITEX Servos TD2612S
JETI CB-200 with 2x 2,4Ghz RX and 900Mhz Backup RX
electric retract system and brakes
7,5l CM Jets Tank + 2x UATs

A few pictures from this impressive model (more will follow):