Kinetic by Hacker Motor

We had so much fun filming the Hacker Kinetic for Philipp Rösner´s new video.
A really good model for beginners, very strong, inexpensive but also a great combat model.

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More information about the plane:

Unser Flugtag ist zurück!

Nach einer Zwangspause im letzten Jahr aufgrund der F3A-Europameisterschaft ist unser Flugtag in diesem Jahr wieder zurück.
Traditionell am letzten Sonntag im Juni.

Wie immer mit einigen Toppiloten aus Deutschland und Europa!!!

Untermünkheim RC-Classics
Bereits am Samstag vor dem Flugtag findet ein kleines aber feines Treffen für Flieger/Helis und Equipment aus vergangenen Tagen statt.
Zusammensitzen und die Modelle der Kindheit unserer Väter fliegen, teilweise mit den Fernsteuerungen aus dieser Zeit!
Taxi, Topsy, Kwikfly, Amigo, Beginner, Charter, Curare, BlueAngel, Arrow…

Wir freuen uns auf euer Kommen!

Hacker Ditex TD0606M- the servo we´ve been all waiting for!

Since this week Hacker´s all new Ditex TD0606M is on the market.
And this metal servo is something all F3A pilots have been waiting for.
It seems to be perfect for all ailerons and elevators for the F3A biplanes.

Until now, the market was dominated by the Futaba BLS 173SV. With the new Ditex TD0606M we have a great alternative.

Compared to the other servos we used it is:

  • smaller (29x23x12mm)
  • lighter (only 22g)
  • faster (0.06s/60°)
  • cheaper (99 €)

After all the great experiences with other Ditex servos in the past year,  I´m sure it is another great servo by Hacker!
Ditex TD0606M will be installed in my new F3A biplanes on ailerons and elevator. On rudder it will be a Ditex TD2111S.

More information:

brandnew JETI DC-24!!!

Finally in our hands, the brandnew JETI DC-24 in special RT-edition gold/carbon!
Here are a few pictures from the production of this highend radio which I would like to share with you.
Not only the design also the features and the quality is unique, but convince yourself!

More information about the JETI DC-24: