F3A European Championship Belgium

F3A Europameisterschaft in Grandrieu, Belgium 19.- 28. Juli 2018


Heiko Sommer

Gregor Wetzel, RANK 34

Christian Niklaß, RANK 8
Robert Forster, RANK 16
Robin Trumpp, RANK 7

Constantly changeable weather conditions sometimes about 35 degrees C bothered not only the judges but also impacted the technology in a way. Also consistently hot temperatures and sometimes very changeable conditions, made the European Championship a real challenge for all participants.

After a break of four years (two EC´s), Christophe Passant Le Roux became European champion for the 9th time.
It was an honor to have had the opportunity to fly with such an exceptional pilot, but much more because he is an extraordinary and fair sportsman. Together in a team with his brother he is also a very important role model for our F3A community.

Places 2 and 3 went to Lassi Nuria (Finnland) and Gernot Bruckmann (Austria). In the team classification, France prevailed over Switzerland and Germany. The junior ranking went to Andrea Cervi (Italy) ahead of Ignace Pawlenko (Belgium) and Omer Ben Ami (Israel).


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