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30 years JETI model – Happy birthday!

For JETImodel’s 30-year jubilee they invited for a celebration and an airshow to Benesov, CZ. Next to all big european dealers such Hacker Motor from Germany, JETI UK, JETI Italia… there were also a few JETI-toppilots like Gernot Bruckmann, Markus Rummer or Roy Puchtinger invited. The famous Youtube-aeromodeller, RamyRC with his Airbus A350 airliner was there as well.

The friday started with a short and interesting review by Mr. Tinka (Jelen = JE, Tinka= TI) who showed how JETI started with 2 hobby enthusiasts around 30 years ago and is now a world leading manufacturer of high-class RC-radio systems with around 50 employees. It started with handmade ESCs for electric models, followed by 35-mHz receivers and the development of their own 2,4Ghz system and finally the duplex DC-16.
After the review it was time to hand over the birthday gifts from some guests to JETI and open end with good conversations.

On saturday was a big airshow with thousands of visitors. JETI joined this airshow with their celebration by traditional reasons. Benesov was the field where around 30 years ago the first JETI ESCs have been presented and sold to the first customers.

Flugtag MFC Untermünkheim

Nachdem wir 2 Jahre Pause machen mussten, war unser Flugtag 2022 endlich wieder zurück – und wie!


In vielerlei Hinsicht sicherlich der beste Flugtag aller Zeiten in Untermünkheim!

Kurzum: Eine große Besucherzahl, jede Menge Toppiloten der Szene und kein nennenswerter Absturz.

Besten Dank an Andreas Maier und Oliver Büsing für die Erinnerungen!

Wir freuen uns jetzt schon auf ein noch größeres Fest 2023 bei uns:

50-jähriges Vereinsjubiläum am 24.+25. Juni 2023

Weitere Infos folgen.

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cool guys and classy airplanes!

Bücker Meeting 2022 in Landshut, Bavaria

The annual Bücker FlyInn took place on the 18th of June in Landshut. This event is a meeting for all full-size Bückerpilots and fans from all over Europe with their Bückers.

Herrmann Diebold, who is the key point of the Bücker scene in Europe, invited me end of last year to attend this event after seeing my video with the 50% Bücker from Friedrichshafen.

Luckily my friend Andreas Golla from Hacker Motor lives quite close to the airport Landshut and invited us to his house for a delicious BBQ and some hangout in his pool. An excellent refreshment during the hot summer day and good preparation for the Bücker FlyInn in the evening.

A real highlight was the Hangar 69 at the airport Landshut. There are some very nice airplanes including the original “Liesel Bach” Bücker Jungmeister. I was sitting inside the cockpit for a short time to feel the spirit of Bücker Jungmeister… but it´s better I stay on the ground with my radio 😉

Thank you very much for this amazing day with you!

Faszination Modellbau and airshow “Stars des Jahres”

After the fair had to be canceled last year due to COVID-19, it was great that they opened the doors from 5th-7th November again. Friedrichshafen is known as THE fair for rc-enthusiasts in Germany!

Unfortunately there were not that much exhibitors than in the past years, but all those who took part were rewarded with numerous of visitors and good conversations.

I had the chance to present my new 50% Bucker Jungmeister at the airshow “Stars des Jahres” at the airport next to the fair.
I was invited a few times in the past years but for me this was one of the best, maybe the best fair in Friedrichshafen ever.
Great atmosphere for visitors and exhibitors, excellent airshow with many great pilots and a perfect organization.  Truly one of the best weekends this year!

I´d like to thank the VTH-Team at the flightline, especially chief editor Uwe PuchtingerFrank Joosten for great commenting on the show, Jörg for trouble-free communication with the tower and all others who were involved to make this fair a big success!

A special thank you goes to Andreas Maier and Markus Nussbaumer  for providing their excellent footage and video for this report.

Thanks also to all who have helped and supported me during the weekend!

Athletes ceremony of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart

I followed the invitation from the secretary of state Baden-Württemberg, Volker Schebesta, to the new castle of Stuttgart on 11th of November. Sportswomen and sportsmen from more than 500 various sports classes were invited. All who achieved a podium ranking in 2018/2019 season in European or World Championships. My invitation was for the bronce medal on the 2018 European F3A Championship in Belgium.

In the white room of the castle the ceremony for athletics, bikers, boatmen… and aeromodellers too part! Besides me was one more rc-pilot. Marcus Haussmann, reigning F4H World Champion (scale class). I was happy to meet one more like-minded so we shared the experience together.

In small groups we went on stage to receive the gift from the president of the sports committee Baden-Württemberg, Mrs Menzer-Haasis.


After the official part during snacks we had the chance to meet and talk to more interesting people and exchange our experiences in our sport and events.


I was very pleased about this honor and want to thank the state of Baden-Württemberg for the event!


F3A WC 2019 in Italy

Here are a few pics of this event.

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First WorldCup of the season in Portugal

On the 25th and 26th of May was the first F3A WorldCup from the 2019 season in Leiria, Portugal. It´s around 130 km north from Lisbon close to the Atlantic.
From our club was not only myself attending this event, also Daniel Setzer who come back to F3A competitions after almost 20 years.

On Thursday we flew with our team from Frankfurt to Lisbon. All except me started 6 A.M. with Ryanair. My flight was around 2h later with Lufthansa, because I took the big box with the 2 airplanes inside.

Arrived in the hotel, we assembled the planes and took the rental cars to explore the area around. For the dinner we found an excellent restaurant directly on the Atlantic, recommended by Rui Ferrera. So the first day was a real success !

Friday was very windy but a perfect day for practice. The competition started Saturday morning.
There were 21 Pilots from Spain, Portugal, Israel, Germany and Brazil. Peter Uhlig was part of the Judging team together with 2 Spanish and 2 Portuguese judges. Roland Podevin from France was there to run his Notaumatic calculating programe which worked fast and excellent.

Daniel flew very well on saturday and ended up this day at 11th. On sunday he went back one position and finished the competition with a fantastic 12th place.

For me it was a tough battle with Juan Rombaut for the win. Saturday I was very close in pole position, after the finals we changed the positions and he won, I became second. 3rd place was 14-year old very talented Yuval Ben Israel from Israel.

It was also great, that my friend and boss of CM-Jets (one of our partners) Carlos Marquez visit us there and spend one evening with us!

At the end it was a very valuable weekend with a lot of fun, nice people, perfect weather and superb food in nice community! We would really like to come back next year!

A special thank you goes to Filipe Dinis Bernardino for driving my box from the airport to the hotel, the support there and the organization of this nice competition!

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