Christian Oppliger from Switzerland tested ULTRAmate and has a tip for all who want to push the limits of that plane a little further.
Many thanks for the information and your help!!!


Hi Robin,

I programmed 2 mixers:

  1. Ailerons —>Throttle 8%
  2. Elevator —> Throttle 8%

Due to the high control effect of ailerons and elevators I added a mixer to this functions of 8% throttle. So the control surfaces are better flown on and the effect of them is higher.

That also means, that the plane with full deflections not brakes down that much and flies more dynamic and in extreme maneuvers even more stable. The reason for those mixers is coming from the F3P-scene where they use it actively to keep the speed constantly during rolls. I tried it in 3D models as well and found it very helpful, especially when the planes have very big control surfaces like ULTRAmate.

Best regards