A legend is coming back- RT DESIGN Acrostar mk2!

in Farbvariante rot/gold oder lila/gold

Acrostar mk2– for some the most beautiful aerobatic design of all time, for others just a very special airplane.
In any case it is completely different than all the Extras, Edges, Yaks we already have in any size and any colour…
That´s why I said it is high time to bring back this aerobatic legend into the rc-scene!
He took the basic plane made some improvements here and there without losing the significant line of the Acrostar. The result after one year of developing time is a slightly modernized Acrostar with an incredible flight performance (even 3D capable!!!) in 2 beautiful semi-scale colour schemes. 
With the 2 different power setups by Hacker you get a perfectly equipped plane for your aspiration for every day use which brings you a lot of fun on the ground and in the air!


More information about date of delivery , retail price and more pictures coming soon!


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