On the weekend of the 15th and 16th September was the first and only time the german championship took place in MFC Hameln-Lachem. Due to differences in the DMFV and DAeC and a lot of rumors and instigation in the internet, the common competitions were already history after two years. However it was nice to see that during the DAeC competition the focus was on the aerobatics and on the companionship, so everyone could put their attention to the flights. The great weather and the efforts of the host club to make everyone feel comfortable, made the seasonal final a great success. 
On Saturday two complete rounds of P19 were flown. The third round was also flown 2/3 that day. On Sunday after the last third of the preliminary round was completed, and the problems with the Notaumatic scoring system were resolved, the top 15 pilots were able to fly two rounds F19 in the final. 
At the End I was a proud and happy winner of the german championship for the 7th time in a row.
The title is very special to me because it was the first time I took part with my own designed KARAT biplane.
The silver and bronze medals went to Christian Niklass and Nils Brückner. Gregor Wetzel won 
the juniors league ahead of Max Chrubasik and Marvin Ahlborn.

The formation of the national Team next year is not certain yet and will be planned by the federal commission of the DAeC.

Many thanks to the MFC Hameln-Lachem, the jury, Peter Uhlig and Raimund Schwitalla who made the DM still take place in spite of a troublesome year.