JETI model Meeting 2018

On the 18th of August JETI hosted the annual JETI model Meeting.
A few top pilots supported by JETI came to CZ for making the airshow interesting and diverting with many highlights.
Especially all those scratch build airplanes from the Czech pilots also taking part in the show are stunning and make it worth to join this event.

Martin Pilny made some really great snapshots of my Pilatus PC-21- thanks for them!

Thank you JETI model for the invitation and the awesome weekend!

KARAT biplane kit

Die first part sets for KARAT biplane have arrived and go straight to their customers.
But before I would like to show you some impressions.
The weight of all plane parts incl. battery plate, servo plate, motor plate, landing gear and pants is around 2150g.

Prices and delivery time on request or via our distributors.

Precision Aero Products

F3A European Championship Belgium

F3A Europameisterschaft in Grandrieu, Belgium 19.- 28. Juli 2018


Heiko Sommer

Gregor Wetzel, RANK 34

Christian Niklaß, RANK 8
Robert Forster, RANK 16
Robin Trumpp, RANK 7

Constantly changeable weather conditions sometimes about 35 degrees C bothered not only the judges but also impacted the technology in a way. Also consistently hot temperatures and sometimes very changeable conditions, made the European Championship a real challenge for all participants.

After a break of four years (two EC´s), Christophe Passant Le Roux became European champion for the 9th time.
It was an honor to have had the opportunity to fly with such an exceptional pilot, but much more because he is an extraordinary and fair sportsman. Together in a team with his brother he is also a very important role model for our F3A community.

Places 2 and 3 went to Lassi Nuria (Finnland) and Gernot Bruckmann (Austria). In the team classification, France prevailed over Switzerland and Germany. The junior ranking went to Andrea Cervi (Italy) ahead of Ignace Pawlenko (Belgium) and Omer Ben Ami (Israel).


F3A WorldCup Liechtenstein 2018!

A few weeks prior to the F3A World Cup in Liechtenstein I lost my 2017 World Cup KARAT, due to an empty receiver battery. 

After a few night shifts with my father, we finished the two new KARAT biplane for the upcoming season.So one week before the Liechtenstein competition, both biplanes were complete and I was able to start my training again.

Regardless of the little practice I had before the competition, everything went surprisingly well, thanks to the even better KARAT than in the previous year.

At the end I was able to achieve the 3rd place behind Stefan Kaiser and Lassi Nurila.


Visit femo-design!

Beginning of May I visited femo-design to pickup my two new fully carbon airplanes after more than 1 year of waiting.
I knew felix already a few years. We met the first time on a big hobby show in south Germany. That time I fallen in love with his carbon work and his amazing airplanes. That time he produced the Apus Glider and I ordered one.
After Apus I “wanted more” and in 2016 at the same fair I ordered his two new airplanes, Skylet and GoOne8.

For the Skylet I choose the classic version in blue/white colours and for the GoOne8 he made a unique gold/silver Version for me.
You get the planes in a tailored luxury bag, also “100% made in Germany” to store and transport the planes safely.

His stuff is so unique and incedribly precious and strong, almost too great to fly!

Thank you Felix for another two masterpieces, I come back next year 😉

Delivery of Acrostar getting closer!

All Acrostar mk2 are produced, passed quality check and packed in the container.
They are finally on the way to Hacker Motor GmbH!
Retail price for the kit is 399,- EURO.
Now for limited time introductory price is 369,- EURO!!!


A very exciting time in China!

From 14th until the 23rd of April I visited the area around Beijing to see where so much stuff of our hobby is made.
The first days I spent in the Hawk Model factory, they are the manufacturer of KARAT biplane. I visited the factory and looked all projects they are doing. But the focus of the trip was my F3A biplane. I could check the latest version of KARAT and all the weights of the parts. I also had the chance to talk and discuss details with to the responsible persons of the KARAT-project. The last day in Hawk I held a short presentation about KARAT and what is coming next.
At the free day we went to another factory where many well-known German companies produce their full-composite gliders and also some planes of Skymasterjet.
After that, we went back to Beijing to prepare the Falcon-booth for the Model Hobby Expo. I had 2 very exciting days at the fair in Bejing city where I also had the chance to made some demoflights at the indoorshow.
The same time was also the “The festival of jet in Beijing” around 50km outside of the Beijing center. On sunday I was there.
Sheng Orville, CEO of Dualsky gave me his sport jet to join this event also as a pilot- thanks for this opportunity!

On Monday I already flew back to Germany.

Thanks to all for made this trip possible, thanks for many new friends and an amazing time with you!

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A legend is coming back- RT DESIGN Acrostar mk2!

in Farbvariante rot/gold oder lila/gold

Acrostar mk2– for some the most beautiful aerobatic design of all time, for others just a very special airplane.
In any case it is completely different than all the Extras, Edges, Yaks we already have in any size and any colour…
That´s why I said it is high time to bring back this aerobatic legend into the rc-scene!
He took the basic plane made some improvements here and there without losing the significant line of the Acrostar. The result after one year of developing time is a slightly modernized Acrostar with an incredible flight performance (even 3D capable!!!) in 2 beautiful semi-scale colour schemes. 
With the 2 different power setups by Hacker you get a perfectly equipped plane for your aspiration for every day use which brings you a lot of fun on the ground and in the air!


More information about date of delivery , retail price and more pictures coming soon!


Tipp for ULTRAmate by C. Oppliger

 Christian Oppliger from Switzerland tested ULTRAmate and has a tip for all who want to push the limits of that plane a little further.
Many thanks for the information and your help!!!


Hi Robin,

I programmed 2 mixers:

  1. Ailerons —>Throttle 8%
  2. Elevator —> Throttle 8%

Due to the high control effect of ailerons and elevators I added a mixer to this functions of 8% throttle. So the control surfaces are better flown on and the effect of them is higher.

That also means, that the plane with full deflections not brakes down that much and flies more dynamic and in extreme maneuvers even more stable. The reason for those mixers is coming from the F3P-scene where they use it actively to keep the speed constantly during rolls. I tried it in 3D models as well and found it very helpful, especially when the planes have very big control surfaces like ULTRAmate.

Best regards