A legend is coming back- RT DESIGN Acrostar mk2!

in Farbvariante rot/gold oder lila/gold

Acrostar mk2– for some the most beautiful aerobatic design of all time, for others just a very special airplane.
In any case it is completely different than all the Extras, Edges, Yaks we already have in any size and any colour…
That´s why I said it is high time to bring back this aerobatic legend into the rc-scene!
He took the basic plane made some improvements here and there without losing the significant line of the Acrostar. The result after one year of developing time is a slightly modernized Acrostar with an incredible flight performance (even 3D capable!!!) in 2 beautiful semi-scale colour schemes. 
With the 2 different power setups by Hacker you get a perfectly equipped plane for your aspiration for every day use which brings you a lot of fun on the ground and in the air!


More information about date of delivery , retail price and more pictures coming soon!


Tipp for ULTRAmate by C. Oppliger

 Christian Oppliger from Switzerland tested ULTRAmate and has a tip for all who want to push the limits of that plane a little further.
Many thanks for the information and your help!!!


Hi Robin,

I programmed 2 mixers:

  1. Ailerons —>Throttle 8%
  2. Elevator —> Throttle 8%

Due to the high control effect of ailerons and elevators I added a mixer to this functions of 8% throttle. So the control surfaces are better flown on and the effect of them is higher.

That also means, that the plane with full deflections not brakes down that much and flies more dynamic and in extreme maneuvers even more stable. The reason for those mixers is coming from the F3P-scene where they use it actively to keep the speed constantly during rolls. I tried it in 3D models as well and found it very helpful, especially when the planes have very big control surfaces like ULTRAmate.

Best regards




Right in time for X-Mas my new foamy is available from Hacker Motor GmbH.
The ULTRAmate is the indoorplane many pilots wished for a long time.
An extreme 3D biplane but very neutral flying as well + the all-new 90° full moving stab.
Made out of very durable EPP but also very light with a go-fly weight less than 200g.

More pictures of the plane you find in the gallery.

I´m sure you will love this bird 😉


Because of the high demand the first batch is already sold out even before sale start.
Hacker is expecting supplies beginning/ mid of January!

RT Eraser V3 EPP: Airplane of the year 2017!

After 5 years and in 3rd version our design distributed by the Hacker Motor GmbH won the price airplane of the year 2017 in the category slowflyer.

RT Eraser V3 EPP was voted by the authors of famous FlugModell magazine.

At the international toy fair in Nuremberg Hacker got the diploma and the medal for this amazing award.

We are very proud of this achievement and hope that it was not our last award for airplanes designed by Robin Trumpp.
The future we plan bigger, more valuable and more beautiful, that´s what I can tell you already.