Honoring by the community of Untermünkheim

On January 13th the major of Untermünkheim arranged a welcome event for the new citizens of the town, at the local gym.

The purpose of the event was to welcome and inform the new Citizens about the leasure time opportunities, Untermünkheim has to offer. 

Heiko Sommer and myself took the chance to introduce our club to all visitors.

There was also an honoring for persons   who volunteered  very often in their spare time  and those who achieved  an outstanding performance in any kind of sport.
Heiko Sommer received an award for his volunteering commitment in the community
, the German F3A team and his function as my coach.

 I also received an award for the German Champion title in 2018.


Acrostar mk2 Testberichte

Kurz vor Jahresende sind zwei tolle mehrseitige Testberichte vom Acrostar mk 2 in deutschen Fachzeitschriften erschienen.
Ralph Müller hat den Acrostar für die FlugModell Ausgabe 02/2019 getestet, Nils Brückner für den Branchenprimus FMT Ausgabe 01/2019.
Beide Autoren berichten ausführlich über den Bau, mögliche Modifikationen, aber auch das Original oder die unterschiedlichen Antriebsvarianten.

Beim Test der FlugModell ist mit mir ein kleines Interview zum Acrostar, seine Geschichte und wie es weiter geht, dabei.

Beim Test in der FMT hat Nils Brückner den Cockpitausbau näher beschrieben und sogar über die FMT einen PDF-Plan zur Verfügung gestellt, den Link zur FMT-Website gibt es hier!

Beide Testberichte sind absolut lesenswert- vielen Dank euch Beiden!

Nun danke ich allen Besuchern meiner Website und wünsche einen guten Rutsch und alles Gute für 2019!

Robin Trumpp

Tolles Bild von einem stolzen Acrostar Pilot: Bendix Bode

China im November 2018

After my tripto China in April, I had the chance to go there once more end of this year. In that time there was China´s biggest airshow which takes part every two years in Zhuhai. It was possible to spend one day at this event to check out some beautiful aircrafts and amazing flight displays.
From Zhuhai I went to some factories to check out their shop, the work and their airplanes. In that time we traveled over 2000 km with the car and train. Between the days in the factories I had the chance to spend one day together with Chinese F3A pilots on the airfield to fly and setup their planes.
At the end of my tour I spent three days in FALCON to see the latest stand of KARAT and gave a presentation to all workers involved in the project and informed them what happened in the past and what is next.
After nine exciting days in China I went back to Germany.

Here are a few pictures from my trip:

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Faszination Modellbau 2018 and Airshow “Stars des Jahres”

This year I was back at the Faszination Modellbau from 1st-4th November taking place in Friedrichshafen as every year. Last year I could not taking part due to the F3A World Championship in Argentina. This year was the airshow “Stars des Jahres” on three days, friday till sunday, so one day more than in the years before.
I was part at the airshow and flew the Pilatus PC-21 and KARAT biplane.

Andreas Maier hat made some sensational pictures of Pilatus and KARAT- you need to check them!

Markus Nussbaumer made an excellent video of the Pilatus PC-21- absolutely worth seeing!

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turbo KARAT- worlds first turboprop powered F3A biplane!

A year ago I heard that CNC Modelparts  from Switzerland offered a turboprop for the JetCat P20/ Kolibri. Immediately I decided to build a Karat with a turboprop myself. Due to the air intake at the bottom and at the top and the straight sidewall it is perfect for a turboprop conversion. Also the exhaust gas can pass through the two wings.
In December 2017 I drove to Switzerland with my JetCat P20 to pick up the Turboprop from CNC Modelparts. At the same time I shared my idea with Carlos Marquez from CM Jets in Spain, he immediately became enthusiastic about the new concept and promised me a custom made fuel tank for my model. Two weeks later I already received the new  Kevlartank  for my turbo KARAT.

FALCON received my order to build an adapter for the fuselage, which I can easily attach to the zero side thrust nose, due to the F3A Contra-Rotating-System, to receive the necessary side thrust.
At the Rotor Live Helicopter fair in Iffezheim, I discovered for the first time the innoflyer light system, which was new in the product line of Hacker Motor. I became 
impressed by the innovative, simple and efficient handling. During dinner with Andreas Golla from Hacker and Christoph Raible from innoflyer we started speaking about my special project, the turbo KARAT.
Andreas Golla suggested to equip the plane with an innoflyer lighting system. At first I had the impression he was joking, but when I realized he was serious about it I actually thought it was a great idea.
On a piece of paper I received from the waiter we determined the position of the light on the model, and ordered the parts immediately. 
After the Turboprop, all DITEX Servos and the lights were installed, the plane had to be varnished.  I was planning on an 
easy but also a bit scale finish. In addition to the KARAT I worked on a Scorpion from Aviation Design with a Patrouille Suisse color scheme, which I like a lot and it is visible in the air.
As the Turboprop and the lighting are both from Switzerland, I decided to adjust the color scheme of the Ptrouille Suisse so it matches the KARAT.
Before I installed the turbo, I painted the whole body area of the turboprop inside twice with BVM Heatshield to avoid prickly  heat in the carbon/fiberglass of the body. After everything was rewired and finished, the first flight took place in the beginning of May 2018.  Everything worked out perfectly right away. In the meantime, I had a performance problem with the turboprop, but this was due to small kevlar pieces in the kerosene filter.
The plane now has about 30 flights and everything still works fine.
At the end not the most spectacular plane I’ve ever built, but definitely one that I have the most fun with!
And just the worlds first F3A t
urboprop biplane – turbo KARAT.
Also I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this amazing project:
CM-Jets, innoflyer, CNC Modelparts, Hacker Motor, JETI model, PowerBox Systems, FALCON
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Many thanks to Philipp Rösner for another great video of turboKARAT!

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German Champion class F3A 2018 with KARAT biplane!

On the weekend of the 15th and 16th September was the first and only time the german championship took place in MFC Hameln-Lachem. Due to differences in the DMFV and DAeC and a lot of rumors and instigation in the internet, the common competitions were already history after two years. However it was nice to see that during the DAeC competition the focus was on the aerobatics and on the companionship, so everyone could put their attention to the flights. The great weather and the efforts of the host club to make everyone feel comfortable, made the seasonal final a great success. 
On Saturday two complete rounds of P19 were flown. The third round was also flown 2/3 that day. On Sunday after the last third of the preliminary round was completed, and the problems with the Notaumatic scoring system were resolved, the top 15 pilots were able to fly two rounds F19 in the final. 
At the End I was a proud and happy winner of the german championship for the 7th time in a row.
The title is very special to me because it was the first time I took part with my own designed KARAT biplane.
The silver and bronze medals went to Christian Niklass and Nils Brückner. Gregor Wetzel won 
the juniors league ahead of Max Chrubasik and Marvin Ahlborn.

The formation of the national Team next year is not certain yet and will be planned by the federal commission of the DAeC.

Many thanks to the MFC Hameln-Lachem, the jury, Peter Uhlig and Raimund Schwitalla who made the DM still take place in spite of a troublesome year.


JETI model Meeting 2018

On the 18th of August JETI hosted the annual JETI model Meeting.
A few top pilots supported by JETI came to CZ for making the airshow interesting and diverting with many highlights.
Especially all those scratch build airplanes from the Czech pilots also taking part in the show are stunning and make it worth to join this event.

Martin Pilny made some really great snapshots of my Pilatus PC-21- thanks for them!

Thank you JETI model for the invitation and the awesome weekend!

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KARAT biplane kit

Die first part sets for KARAT biplane have arrived and go straight to their customers.
But before I would like to show you some impressions.
The weight of all plane parts incl. battery plate, servo plate, motor plate, landing gear and pants is around 2150g.

Prices and delivery time on request or via our distributors.

Precision Aero Products

F3A European Championship Belgium

F3A Europameisterschaft in Grandrieu, Belgium 19.- 28. Juli 2018


Heiko Sommer

Gregor Wetzel, RANK 34

Christian Niklaß, RANK 8
Robert Forster, RANK 16
Robin Trumpp, RANK 7

Constantly changeable weather conditions sometimes about 35 degrees C bothered not only the judges but also impacted the technology in a way. Also consistently hot temperatures and sometimes very changeable conditions, made the European Championship a real challenge for all participants.

After a break of four years (two EC´s), Christophe Passant Le Roux became European champion for the 9th time.
It was an honor to have had the opportunity to fly with such an exceptional pilot, but much more because he is an extraordinary and fair sportsman. Together in a team with his brother he is also a very important role model for our F3A community.

Places 2 and 3 went to Lassi Nuria (Finnland) and Gernot Bruckmann (Austria). In the team classification, France prevailed over Switzerland and Germany. The junior ranking went to Andrea Cervi (Italy) ahead of Ignace Pawlenko (Belgium) and Omer Ben Ami (Israel).


F3A WorldCup Liechtenstein 2018!

A few weeks prior to the F3A World Cup in Liechtenstein I lost my 2017 World Cup KARAT, due to an empty receiver battery. 

After a few night shifts with my father, we finished the two new KARAT biplane for the upcoming season.So one week before the Liechtenstein competition, both biplanes were complete and I was able to start my training again.

Regardless of the little practice I had before the competition, everything went surprisingly well, thanks to the even better KARAT than in the previous year.

At the end I was able to achieve the 3rd place behind Stefan Kaiser and Lassi Nurila.